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The main objective for  Firma L O Andersson Materials & Processing is to offer and provide Materials and Manufacturing (processing) knowledge and problem solving for industrial companies and their suppliers in Northern Europe. 

For example

- To review your products or manufacturing processes and propose means for best performance, quality assurance, cost reduction,  etc.

- How to select the proper engineering material  for your new product or in an existing product being under modification. 

- At your site to train your co-workers in tailormade seminaries with practical problem solving (e.g. troubleshooting) 

As an independent organization we will develop and propose the most beneficial solution for you.



Products:                                               Static and dynamic sealing devices.

                                                              Multifunctional engineering components.


Manufacturing/Processing                    Adhesion.

                                                                Process optimization                 


Clients are to be found among categories like:


Energy producers and their suppliers.
Suppliers to the automotive industry. 
Companies within pulp and paper, ore and mineral handling.
Rubber and plastics industry  



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