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Consultations shall result in actual advices and recommendations and are presented in short reports/memos. 


Materials selection
In a product development project one or several suitable candidate materials are usually quite soon being found and one of these initially chosen. But as soon as possible a more systematic selection must be made to avoid unpleasant surprises later in the project. And at the same time seek for the lowest possible cost.


Specification of requirements/Technical regulation

Take for example the engineering material rubber. Everything may work well if there is no change in actual compound or manufacturing method and a close contact is maintained with the original supplier and its collaborators. But if a change is made in the material recipe (rubber chemicals are now and then being replaced due to various reasons) this may cause major consequenses. We will assist you to draw up a relevant description of crucial properties which will make alternative engineering materials possible already from the start. 


Failure Analysis

Components do break or malfunction. During a product development project, this is made deliberately and in a controlled way and aims to optimize the product performance and service life. In real life parts also break. But when this happens the failure is sudden and always unexpected. What was the cause? Was it due to some environmental factor? Was the material composed right? Was the product manufactured according to the instructions?


As an independent resource we will assist you in the investigatory examination and as an interpreter in the discussions with your suppliers. In some cases, we may assist in your supplier’s discussions with their suppliers or partners.



A speaking partner

In many cases a meeting and discussion at your site, or on Skype, will result in new ideas and solutions in case that you have come to a stand still in your problem solving/development process or development project. In this way you can quickly move on and continue to work within your core business. 


This kind of exercises have also shown to be quite effective training sessions. 




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