Feasibility Studies
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The investigations shall result in detailed recommendations regarding improvement of your product or manufacturing process.

The outcome is presented in a report which preferable is presented and discussed at your site. Or on Skype.



An independent evaluation of your existing products and/or manufacturing as well as new concepts.

Only you know your own products best and the materials of  which it is composed of. You surley  have 

thoughts about  how a different material,  or materials combined, could help in improving the performance and at the same time simplify manufacturing and cut costs. But perhaps you do not yet possess the necessary in-depth knowledge and experience required to gain the certainty to move on: Will the product still function as expected? Is a change in design necessary? Will it still be possible to manufacture in a cost-effective way?


We possess the necessary and combined knowledge in material selection, engineering design principles and manufacturing methods.



Literature search and evaluation 

You may have gathered information from the Internet, papers, in the form of materials data and safety sheets, supplier brochures, or in direct contact  

with your supplier's sales and engineering departments. Often, however, the problem might be to review and validate all information. And gain certainty.


We will help you to interpret all such information and make it useful in your business.  



Test set-up and design of experiments

When it comes to new development the information needed may not be available and, perhaps not even exist yet.

It is most likely that certain material properties need to be tested in-house for you to be able to continue developing the product. We will assist you with ideas and proposals on which properties to test and how. And we also suggest which well reputed test organizations we regard are best qualified for the job. 


Finally, we help to interpret and explain/evaluate the results found. This regardless if it concerns  materials testing or to test and certify the functional requirements for the part or complete assembly of your product/component according to a materials or product standard.  





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