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Training and Troubleshooting

These tailor-made courses are directed to individual companies. But to start with, we ask for a specific question or problem.

The lecturers are sandwiched with exercises and, if applicable, case stories and discussions during the day. For example,


Short lectures during the morning within the theme and with participants from different departments within the company. 

In the afternoon in dept discussion and problem solving in a smaller group of collaborators closely involved in design and/or manufacturing issues.

These seminars/courses will take place at your company. This is an absolute necessity to be able to discuss your product- materials and manufacturing issues confidentially and in detail.

At the end of the day, new ideas, solutions, proposals for the next step, etc., are summarized for immediate use in your day to day work within your quality assurance program. 

Selected copies of the power point presentations will be handed out.



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